September 2019



In early 2013, the government declared that telecom (& related products) must be tested by Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC), and a written test certificate obtained before the products are sold in the country.

Several Cable TV & broadband products were included in the list of products requiring compulsory testing. The aim was to test the products, especially imported products, for malware that could be used for espionage of data transmitted through them.

October 1, 2013, was set as the deadline for obtaining certification of all products, prior to their sale.

However, the deadline was postponed several times due to shortage of labs for testing.


In early August, after a delay of almost 6 years, the Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC), the technical wing of the telecom department, issued 2 test certificates. These were issued to Panasonic and Vadodara-based electronics firm Matrix Comsec for their products in the "Simple Telecom Equipment" category.


The government has now set October 1, 2019 as a fresh deadline for mandatory testing and certification of 13 simple telecom products like landline phones, cordless phones, modem, fax machines etc.

"Testing of all products including mobile phones and telecom equipment will start gradually in a phased manner. New products will be notified from time to time that are to be included in the mandatory testing process," said D K Khanna, TEC deputy director general for telecom certification and MRA.

The government has authorised 40 private labs and 10 state-run bodies to conduct security testing of telecom equipment and products.


No schedule / deadline has yet been declared for compulsory test certification of Cable TV and broadband equipment. It will no doubt be introduced in a phased manner. We will certainly keep our readers informed. n