January 2020


The Asia Video Summit is the defining conference for the video industry and ecosystem across the Asia Pacific region. It was organised by The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA), at the Ritz Carlton, Millenia, Singapore from 4 - 6 November & attended by more than 500 senior video executives.

The summit addressed the State of the Video Industry focusing on 5 key themes:

  • Business Models
  • Advertising
  • Human Capital &
  • News & Policy


Henry Tan, CEO of Astro emphasized that a collaborative approach is needed between industry and regulators, in addition to consumer awareness. Dr R.S. Sharma, Chairman - TRAI spoke of India's transition to DAS, giving consumers the choice to pay for what they wish to watch. This has helped India to reduce piracy tremendously, he said.


VOD streaming services are grappling with monetising their content, but there is no clear consensus on the best model. Netflix has a pure subscription model. Janice Lee, MD of PCCW Media Group said Viu revenues were evenly split between ASIA VIDEO SUMMIT 2019 advertising & subscription in their freemium model. She believed subscription would dominate in future. In contrast, Mark Britt, Co-Founder and Group CEO of iflix had a very bearish position on subscription in South East Asia and insisted that advertising was the key.


The other prominent discussion centred around how innovation in the world of online streaming video for curated content can be damaged by unwise regulation.

The very rapid development of new and innovative services in Asia was underlined in a discussion between Elaine Uy, Head of OTT for ABS-CBN, Gidon Freeman, VP, Government and Regulatory Affairs for NBCUniversal International, Sulyna Abdullah, Director of Public Policy South East Asia for Netflix and Deepak Jacob , the Chief Regional Counsel India, South East Asia & Middle East for The Walt Disney Company.

The consensus was that proposals for greater regulation - some quite extreme - are also circulating in the region. Over regulation is a huge risk. Curated video platforms posed few if any real problems for Asian societies and governments compared to other internet content. Social media services like Facebook and YouTube, were far more dangerous problems with the content they hosted - and were sucking up all the ad revenues.


In the newly launched Tech Innovation Stream at the summit, it was felt that integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, voice search, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) amongst others are required to accelerate the video industry's transformation. n

(Satellite & Cable TV Magazine was supporting media for the Asia Video Summit 2019 - Ed)

The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) is the trade association for the video industry and ecosystem in Asia-Pacific. It serves to make the video industry stronger and healthier through promoting the common interests of its members. AVIA is the interlocutor for the industry with governments across the region, leads the fight against video piracy and provides insight into the video industry to support a vibrant industry ecosystem. AVIA evolved from CASBAA in 2018.