February 2017


Andhra Pradesh's ambitious FiberNet project is taking shape. Though the AP FiberNet project is restricted to Andhra Pradesh, it could impact the businesses of the MSOs if other state governments across the country emulate the project. Unlike The Tamil Nadu government's Aarasu Cable TV project, the AP FibreNet is a broadband distribution initiative, with VoIP telephony & TV delivered as IPTV and part of the broadband package. In a way it is the wireline equivalent of Jio's mobile 4G broadband delivery.

Unlike Aarasu CATV, FibreNet Is A Broadband Service


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu inaugurated the Fibernet scheme on 29 December 2016 at Mori, a tiny cashew-exporting village located near the Bay of Bengal in the East Godavari district in East Godavari district . "Mori is the first Smart village in the country to achieve 100% digital literacy. The Government would put its efforts to change all villages into Smart villages in a phased manner," Naidu announced on the occasion.

15 MBps Broadband + 250 TV Channels + Telephony @ Rs. 149 Per Month.


"All the 1,189 households are provided with Internet at 15 MBps speed, cable TV and telephone connection through fiber grid. Each of them can watch 250 television channels. All their transactions are through e-banking, AP Purse, Rupay cards and SBI Buddy. Even small kirana shops have been given e-pos machines," said East Godavari Collector H. Arun Kumar.

The village is also covered by public WiFi.

A n d h r a Pradesh State Fiber Net Limited Executive Director Vajji Krishna said 650 Android phones had been distributed to the beneficiaries. The Revenue, Education, DRDA along with Internet Saathi and other NGOs trained nearly 85 self-help group women, 500 students and some households in net-banking.


Andhra Pradesh State Fibernet Limited (APSFL) will implement the AP FiberNet scheme, providing 15 MBps Broadband + 250 TV channels + Telephone connections to each home for just Rs. 149 per month.


All the services will be delivered via a Triple Play (Telephone + Broadband + Video) STB priced at Rs. 4,000. The STB is also available on a monthly installment of Rs. 99.

Triple Play STBs Are Offered @ Rs. 4,000 Or Rs. 99 Per Month

The State government has ordered for 1 million triple play boxes for expanding the AP Fiber Grid services across the state.


Under the fiber grid project, the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd (INCAP) is laying 30,000 km of 24-core ADSS optical fiber cable throughout the state. Of this, 22,000 km will be on overhead electrical poles.

2,450 Points Of Presence (PoPs) will be set up at identified electrical substations to house the electronics.

The laying of an additional 60,000 Kms of underground fiber will be undertaken under Phase II in association with the central government.

2450 Substations Will Offer IP Signals To LCOs For Distribution


The AP fiber grid project also plans to partner with LCOs, and provide them signals for last mile delivery of the Triple Play service.

Andhra Pradesh has 800+ MSOs and 9,000+ LCOs across 13 districts serving 1.3 million subscribers.

The move is expected to help operators to apply for Digital Addressable System (DAS) licenses and sustain their areas of operations.

The LCOs will receive their signals from the 2,450 Points Of Presence (PoPs) set up at electrical substations.

While the AP government will provide the infrastructure, the broadband or cable TV connection to individual subscribers will not be provided by it. This will be provided by cable TV companies.

Telecom operators have also been invited to make use of the grid in places where they do not have cables.