September 2018


The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India has been created to provide reliable and accurate & timely TV viewing reports, countrywide. Given India's diversity & size, a large number of TV homes need to be sampled continuously.

BARC launched its TV viewership measurement service in April 2015, covering C&S (Cable & Satellite/DTH) TV homes in towns with a population of 1 lakh and above, with 10,000 Bar-o-meters.

In October 2015, it ramped up to 15,000 Bar-ometers, to measure TV viewership in urban and rural homes.

Subsequently, TRAI has recommended and the government mandated that BARC sample at least 50,000 C&S.

The BARC currently extrapolates TV Viewing habits of 183 million TV households in the country, using 30,000 sample panel homes.

There Are 197 Million Indian TV Homes


To rapidly increase its sample size, BARC is partnering with MSOs and DTH platforms, to fit RPD (Reverse Path Data) capabilities to existing STBs. The data collected on the viewing, is transmitted back to BARC, via a mobile wireless return path.

BARC India has tied up with DEN Networks, Siti Cable & Airtel Digital TV for measuring TV viewership using Return Path Data (RPD) via their digital set top boxes (STBs). Only some of the STBs of the MSOs and DTH platforms will be fitted with RPD capability.

In a recent presentation, BARC said it was looking to measure 40,000 STBs with each of the partners it has tied up with. it will help expand panel home size from the current 30,000 to over 150,000 in the near future.

According to industry veteran Ashok Mansukhani, who is also CEO & Managing Director of Hinduja Ventures Ltd, the holding company of Hinduja Group's media firms, a deal between BARC & NXT Digital is also on the cards. NXT Digital is the HITS platform that reaches out to nearly 900 towns in urban & rural India. The deal will help BARC & broadcasters reach out to rural India.

614 Million Viewers Tune In Daily, Spending 3 Hours 44 Minutes On Their TV Sets.


Return Path Data will revert to BARC viewership information such as what channel is being watched and for how long. BARC's back-end server also registers the time of the day each channel is tuned into.


BARC currently monitors over 560 TV channels. Each TV channel measured by BARC carries a unique, continuous audio tone that is inaudible to the human ear.

When a metered TV home switches on a particular TV channel, the BARC BAR-O-meter listens to the inaudible ID tone and identifies the channel. For measurement, the BAR-O-meter does not require the channel number, but only the channel audio.


BARC India has released the findings of its Broadcast India (BI) 2018 Survey.

India currently has 298 million homes, of which 197 million have a TV set. There are 836 million TV viewing individuals in India.

123 million or 63% of Indian TV homes are in middle class Urban households.

614 million viewers tune in daily to their TV sets.

The Average Time Spent by TV viewing individuals is 3 hour 44 minutes. n