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May 2018


Star India Has Paid ₹ 6,138.1 Crore For The BCCI Rights For 5 Years.

On 5 April 2018, Star India once again outbid Sony Pictures Networks India & Reliance Jio to win the 5 years global media rights for all BCCI Cricket matches played in India from 2018 to 2023.

Star India's winning bid was for ₹ 6,138.1 Crore (approx. $944 million), or almost double Star 2012 winning bid of ₹ 3,851 crore.


This is the first time that BCCI held a three-day e-auction, starting 3 April, in which 3 companies: Sony, Star & Reliance Jio "were eligible to bid for the global consolidated rights (GCR) for the 2018-23 cycle of India's home bilateral series.

Google, Facebook, and YuppTV had also bought bid documents, but did not participate in the bidding. The first day of e-auction ended with the highest bid of ₹ 4442 crore. On day 2, this rose to ₹ 6032.5 crore.

On days 1 & 2, Star did not bid actively, and the media speculated that Star had already over extended itself with its 2017 IPL price, and did not want to seriously contest the IPL rights. Probably, STAR's Uday Shankar was pre-occupied in discussions to obtain the I&B ministry's downlink license for the IPL series to start 2 days later.

Day 3 ended quickly. The first bid was also the penultimate bid by Sony at ₹ 6,111.70 crore. Star then clinched it at ₹ 6,138.


India is expected to play 102 games including 22 Tests, 42 ODIs and 38 Twenty20 Internationals at home in the five-year cycle. The year wise split for the 102 games is 21 games in 2018-19, 23 in 2019-20, 14 in 2020-21, 23 in 2021- 22 and 21 in 2022-23.

The Global Consolidated Rights (GCR) for 102 matches played in India for the next 5 years, comprises:

 Worldwide TV broadcast rights

 Digital rights (across 3 different formats)

Star will air the cricket over its 12 sports channels, with SD & HD feeds in English, Hindi & regional languages.

The cricket will also provide a significant boost to its 'Hotstar' OTT platform.

₹ 60.1 Crore Per Match Is Higher Than The IPL Price


"The final consolidated bid was ₹ 6138.1 crore, which translates to a per match figure of ₹ 60.18 crore over 102 matches," said BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary.

This is the highest per match price ever paid for cricket.

5 years ago, Star had paid ₹ 43 crore per BCCI match.

It is also higher than the ₹ 54.49 crore being paid by Star for the Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights.


The BCCI rights effectively provides Star India a monopoly over all cricket media rights.

Star already has the 2018 to 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket rights for which it paid ₹ 16,347.50 crore (around $2.55 billion) in September 2017.

Star also has TV rights to all International Cricket Council (ICC) tournaments, including the Cricket World Cup, till 2023.

Its cricket portfolio also includes all matches of the Asia Cricket Council from 2016 to 2023, as well as New Zealand, and Bangladesh cricket.

Uday Shankar, Chairman & CEO India, & President of 21st Century Fox Asia, said: "Our journey in the business of sports broadcasting started with the BCCI 6 years ago. No matter how popular other tournaments might be, associating with national cricket has a special significance. Our aim is to become the ultimate cricket destination."

The monopoly, coupled with its refusal to share the content on Doordarshan, will prove expensive for cricket audiences - on TV and online OTT. n