February 2020


JIO has been providing a free STB to all its paid JIO Fiber customers. The STB is capable of providing video at up to 4K resolution, to suitable equipped TV Sets. The STB works only via the JIO Fiber service. It is automatically deactivated if provided broadband connectivity via any other broadband service provider.

The JIO STB has No Coax Input Or Output For CATV Or DTH


It is important to clarify that the JIO STB does not offer a Cable TV service. Jio has not commenced any Cable TV or DTH service, and any reports to this effect are false.

JIO has been distributing 2 STBs - Blue & Grey.

The Grey STB is a IP only STB and does not have any Coax input.

JIO is also developing a Hybrid (Cable TV + IPTV) STB which is blue in colour. This blue coloured STB provides for an Digital Cable TV input via an F Connector. When the development is complete, and all goes as planned, the blue STB will accept signals from Hathway & DEN DAS Headends. Currently, the F Connector on the blue STB is non-functional.


The Jio Fiber STB is a simple, android STB, current configured to run only select OTT apps that are pre-installed by JIO.


Though based on Android, Jio has disabled all thirdparty app stores - including Google's own Play Store - as well as the ability to sideload or install external apps via downloaded files.

Because of this, OTT platforms like Zee & Star must negotiate with Jio and obtain its permission before their apps are pre-loaded on the JIO Fiber STB.

Users Cannot Install Their Choice Of Apps On The JIO STB


Voot from Reliance's own Viacom18 OTT, Hotstar, Sony Pictures Networks' Liv & Zee5, are on the JIO STB. With about a dozen OTT apps preloaded, the Jio STB offers OTT apps from nearly all the major entertainment broadcasters of India with the exception of Sun Network, which is also rumoured to be in talks to place its app on the platform soon.


The main purpose of the JIO STB is to increase data consumption by JIO Fiber consumers.

All JIO Fiber plans (See Table) provide only a limited amount of monthly downloads. Beyond this monthly download limit, the broadband speed falls to 1 Mbps, a speed which will not support delivery of even SD video. Consumers will have no option but to upgrade to higher bandwidth (and more expensive) plans.

Primary Aim Of The JIO STB Is To Increase Data Usage By Consumers

JIO is also tightly controlling the content delivered via its STB. Consumers cannot download or even side install android apps from the Playstore. In fact, the Android Playstore itself is disabled! In the days ahead, JIO may require all consumers to make their OTT subscriptions only to JIO, who will deduct a commission & pass on the balance to the OTT platform.


The Jio Fiber STB is also a communication device. It (both blue & grey models) have a USB-2 connector for connecting an external camera, for video calling, including multi-user conference calling.

An External USB-3 port is also provided to connect an external Hard Disk Drive for recording & playback.


Airtel Digital offers its OTT box called Xstream.

Dish TV offers Dish Smart Hub and d2h Smart Connected Box.

Tata Sky, the biggest content player in terms of TV revenue, offers its Binge+ Android STB. n