September 2017


From September 1, 2017 DAS MSO Licenses Can Only Be Applied For Online.

Since 1st May 2017, the MIB had commenced online application of DAS MSO licenses. Applicants could chose the option of submitting their applications physically, or online. Since then, a number of online applications have been received.

Now the physical application option has been withdrawn & with effect from September 1, 2017, DAS MSO licenses can only be applied for online.


In a directive, the Information & Broadcasting ministry has said that MSOs can apply on or

Detailed procedure guidelines for submitting online applications have been provided on both these websites.


Earlier the I&B ministry issued licenses only after approval by the Home ministry. This resulted in a huge back log. Further, the licensee declined by the Home ministry invariably got a stay from the courts, since the Home ministry rejections never state specific reasons, often because cases and convictions are pending in the legal system. To clear the huge back log, the I&B ministry issued 'Provisional' licenses, conditional to the clause that the license would be revoked if the continuation of registration of any MSO is at any time found to be or considered detrimental to the security of the country.

On 6 March 2017 decided to treat all MSOs as permanent but with condition that the period of 10 years commences from the date they got registered as provisional MSOs.


Since the commencement of DAS Phase-1, the MIB issued DAS MSO licenses that were for specific areas only.

In Jan 2017, a few weeks before the DAS-IV deadline, it became apparent that there were very few takers for DAS-IV licenses, which represented more than 40% of the All India cable TV homes. DASIV territories are highly fragmented and cannot justify the investments in setting up and maintaining a DAS Headend. To avoid embarrassment, the MIB declared that all earlier DAS MSO licenses issued so far would be converted to All India licenses. This move effectively concealed the lack of DAS-IV licenses.

As on 31 July 2017, there were 1455 DAS MSO licenses. n