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October 2017


In response to Arasu's claim that it had migrated to Digital cable TV, the I&B ministry has asked Arasu to substantiate the claim. The 26 September 2017 letter sent by the under-secretary Anil Kumar, I&B ministry, DAS section said, "Since the date for TACTV to switch over to digital cable service in the state of Tamil Nadu is already over, you are directed to confirm that you have already switched off analogue signals."

Arasu has been told to reply within 10 days, "failing which your registration is likely to be suspended/revoked."

Copies of the letter have been sent to the police commissioner in Chennai, the secretary in the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), and the principal secretary in the Tamil Nadu IT Department.


Arasu said it has started installing STBs from 1 September while the deadline to complete digitisation in the state was 17 August.

The state government plans to provide 7 million free STBs, offering upto 180 digital channels, in a choice of 4 monthly packages ranging from ` 125 to ` 275 per month.


The MIB had granted provisional registration to Arasu on 17 April, conditional that it would be cancelled if the govt accepted TRAI's recommendations barring government entities into broadcasting.

The MSO was given 3 months to switch to digital. Arasu floated a tender to procure SD and HD STBs, which was delayed & Arasu sought a month's extension, which was granted.

However, Arasu was unable to meet even the 17 August deadline. It sought another extension from the ministry in August.

After more than a month of receiving Arasu's request, the MIB has asked for a compliance report to continue its operations.