March 2017


It is a matter of pride for the Cable TV industry that MSOs currently deliver faster broadband connectivity than mega-corps like Vodafone, Jio, Idea, and most other mobile phone operators.

Based on data and actuals tests conducted by various organisations, the 5 fastest internet service providers currently are:

1. Airtel

2. SpectraNet

3. 7 Star Digital

4. ATRIA Convergence

5. Hathway

6. You Telecom

The test results, as in the actual broadband speeds delivered / measured varies significantly. The Netflix ISP speed index has rated the 6 fastest Indian ISPs.


According to TRAI, for the third time since September 2016, the average download speed on Bharti Airtel's mobile network was measured to be the highest in January at 8.42 Mega Bits Per Second (Mbps). The Netflix Index also rated Airtel as the fastest ISP with 2.25 Mbps Speed. Also, a Credit Suisse report published this month stated that Airtel 4G offered the best download speeds in general at around 12 Mbps based on its study conducted across 30 cities, and that Vodafone, Jio and Idea were close to 7-8Mbps.

According to TRAI data, Airtel almost doubled its download speed in January, however Jio's speed reduced by more than 50% 8.34 Mbps from 18.14 Mbps peak speed that it registered in December 2016.

TRAI collects information and calculates on a real-time basis the speed of mobile data from subscribers across India with the help of MySpeed application.


The Netflix ISP Speed Index also rated Airtel as the fastest Internet Service Provider with 2.25 Mbps Speed. Airtel was the fastest ISP, followed by SpectraNet, 7 Star Digital, ATRIA Convergence & Hathway. While Airtel gives broadband services via cable, DSL, wireless and fiber, SpectraNet provides its broadband services through fiber.

7 Star offers cable TV, digital Media, broadband and entertainment services. It holds an ISP license to offer broadband in Mumbai and is also the first HD content provider across India.

ATRIA's speed fell below 2.18 Mbps, and Hathway climbed a spot higher to the fifth position with 1.93 Mbps speed, followed by YOU with 1.84 Mbps speed. n