September 2017


Here's the major changes that have taken place on the various satellites over India in the past month. While some of the channels listed as testing may have started full transmission, others may have ceased and still others may have since started up. The information provided is intended to be indicative of things to come...


BADR C at 26 deg E

No major changes.

PAKSAT 1R at 38 deg E

On 13th 1 TV left 4037 V. On 30th 7 News TV left 3785 V .

INTELSAT 12 at 45 deg E

No major changes.


AFGHANSAT 1 at 48 deg E

No major changes.

YAMAL 202 at 49 deg E

No major changes.

INSAT 3E/ GSAT 8 at 55 Deg E

No major Changes.


NSS 5/12 at 57 deg E

No major Changes.


Intelsat 902 at 62 deg E

No major chnages.


Amos 4 at 65 deg E

No major chnages.


Intelsat 17 @ 66 deg E

On 23rd Cauvery News started on 3845 V, FTA.

IS 20 at 68.5 deg E

On 8th Naaptol Malayalam started on 4184 V, FTA; Ahsas TV left. On 15th VH1 India left 4034 H; News 18 Punjab & Haryana & Himachal Pradesh started on 4036 V, FTA. On 23rd Tulasi News started on 3732 V, FTA. On 28th Zee 24 Hour Business left 3809 V; Ten Cricket started on 3930 H, Videoguard; Music Fatafati started on 4184 V, FTA.


EUTELSAT 70B at 70.5 deg E

On 10th Music Bangla TV and Star Bangla started on 12514 V, FTA; Alif TV, Channel Binodon Bangla and MC left again.

INSAT 3C/4CR/ Edusat at 74 deg E

No major changes.

ABS 2 at 75 Deg E

No major changes.

APSTAR 7 at 76.5 deg E

On 13th Music Bangla TV left 3769 H & was back on 17th. On 30th Avenues TV left 3685 V; Gazi TV on 3805 H is now encrypted .

THAICOM 5 at 78.5 deg E

On 5th Avenues TV started on 3471 V, FTA; Five HD started on 3585 V, FTA; Umm TV and Time TV started on 4120 H, FTA. On 9th Movies Max, Dee Dee TV and Smart Movie & Music started on 3800 H, BISS. On 25th Dharma TV and People TV started on 3545 V, BISS.


EXPRESS AM2 at 80 deg E

No major Changes.

INSAT 4A / G-10 at 83 deg E

On 5th Channel 2 left 3936 H. On 29th Pitaara started on 3805 H, FTA. On 30th Network 10 left 3805 H.


CHINASAT 12 at 87.5 Deg E

No major changes.


ST1 / ST2 at 88 deg E

On 4th Sinda TV left 3629 H; ETTV Asia left 3648 H again.

YAMAL 201 / YAMAL 300K at 90 deg E

No major changes.

MEASAT 3/3A at 91.5 deg E

No major changes.

INSAT 4B/3A at 93.5 deg E

On 5th Republic TV  started on 11470 H, Conax; Devi Channel  left 11590 H.


SES 8 / NSS 6 at 95 deg E

On 24th Zee Rajasthan News and Kaatyayani TV left 11090 H.

ASIASAT 2/5 at 100.5 deg E

On 8th GCN Korea left 3660 V. On 11th Premier League TV started on 3914 V, BISS & switched off the next day. On 15th LaLiga TV started on 3840 H, Viaccess.

ASIASAT 7 at 105.5 deg E

On 6th Naaptol Shopping, M Multiplex and MovieTime left 3734 H; Movies 24, 7XM, Classic Cinema, Movies Kicker, Movies PK, G55, Joy TV, M Multiplex and MovieTime started on 3745 V, FTA; Praise TV started on 3750 V, FTA; Star Sports Select HD1 started on 3860 V, Videoguard; FX India left; Star Sports Select HD2 started on 3940 V, Videoguard. On 13th Joo Masti started on 4065 H, FTA; We TV replaced Sargam TV on 4165 H, FTA. On 16th Nickelodeon Pakistan, ARY Zauq, ARY World, ARY Digital UAE, ARY News UK & Europe, HBO Pakistan and ARY Digital USA on 4060 V are encrypted. On 28th Channel NewsAsia started on 3627 H, FTA; ABP News India, ABP Ananda, ABP Majha and ABP Asmita started on 3725 H, FTA; Classic Cinema and Movies PK left 3734 H and 3745 V; MyTV started on 3750 V, FTA. On 29th Gold and Cine PK started on 3734 H and 3745 V, FTA; God Bless TV started on 3902 V, FTA; Prime World and ETV started on 4065 H, FTA; Jan TV left.


SES 7 at 108 deg E

No major changes.


Chinasat 10 at 110 deg E

No major changes.

ASIASAT 6 / THAICOM 7 at 120 deg E

No major changes.

ASIASAT 4 at 122 deg E

No major changes.

JCSAT 3A at 128 deg E

No major changes.


No major changes.