June 2017


Here's the major changes that have taken place on the various satellites over India in the past month. While some of the channels listed as testing may have started full transmission, others may have ceased and still others may have since started up. The information provided is intended to be indicative of things to come...


BADR C at 26 deg E

No major changes.

PAKSAT 1R at 38 deg E

No major changes.

INTELSAT 12 at 45 deg E

On 14th A new Dialog TV mux has started on 11155 V; Several updates in Dialog TV.


AFGHANSAT 1 at 48 deg E

No major changes.

YAMAL 202 at 49 deg E

No major changes.

INSAT 3E/ GSAT 8 at 55 Deg E

No major Changes.


NSS 5/12 at 57 deg E

No major Changes.


Intelsat 902 at 62 deg E

No major chnages.


Amos 4 at 65 deg E

On 8th Dhamaal has replaced Mahuaa TV on 10914 V, encrypted. On Nepal’s Dish Home DTH platform; Clubbing TV has left 11360 V.


Intelsat 17 @ 66 deg E

On 5th Music Zone has started on 3876 H, clear; Power of God TV and Jaya Jaya Shankara TV have left; Goodnews Channel has started on 3966 H, clear; Kalkii Kannada has started on 4006 H, clear. On 24th Gyana Yogi has started on 3876 H, clear; Channel UFX has left 4015 V.

IS 20 at 68.5 deg E

On 3rd Shop CJ Tamil has started on 3791 H, clear; Hungama TV, Bindass, UTV Action, Disney Channel India, Disney XD India, Disney Junior India, Bindass Play, UTV Movies and UTV Movies International have started on 4126 H, Irdeto; Peace TV English is back on 4150 H, clear. On 7th Ten 1, Ten 2, Ten 3 and Ten Cricket have started on 3869 H, Videoguard; Ten Golf HD and Ten 1 HD have left. On 10th Republic TV has started on 3791 H, clear; Naaptol Malayalam has left 4184 V. On 19th Sony Six on 3900 H is now encrypted. On 23rd Zee Bihar Jharkhand has left 3768 H and 4163 H; VIP News has started on 3791 H, clear. On 25th Arihant TV has started on 3766 V, clear.


EUTELSAT 70B at 70.5 deg E

No major changes.

INSAT 3C/4CR/ Edusat at 74 deg E

No major changes.

ABS 2 at 75 Deg E

On 13th Fix & Foxi, Rotana Music, Rotana Cinema and Al-Resalah have started on 3642 V, Irdeto.

APSTAR 7 at 76.5 deg E

On 2nd Channel I has started on 3745 H, clear. On 4th PSM News has started on 3848 V, clear. On 18th Eternal Life TV Network has left 3780 V; Majlis TV has left 3848 V; Bangla TV has started on 4040 H, clear. On 27th Midnight Secrets, F-Men, Hair & Makeup, Fashion Films, Photoshoots and Fashion Weeks have started on 3740 V, clear.

THAICOM 5 at 78.5 deg E

On 5th TV 24 has left 3600 H. On 13th I Shopping has replaced Sat TV on 3505 V, BISS; Cartoon Club and Maya Channel SD have started on 3545 V, BISS; NTV Kohalpur has started on 3569 H, clear; Sexy Channel has started on 3585 V, BISS; Nhang Channel and Muancheon TV 69 have left; MV TV Channel and Five HD have started on 4064 V, clear; Next Movies and Next Music have left; Kalsan TV, Somaliland National TV and STN have started on 4113 H, clear. On 16th Maya Channel SD has started on 3520 H, BISS; Somaliland National TV has started on 3600 H, clear; Kalsan TV has left 3640 H.


EXPRESS AM2 at 80 deg E

No major Changes.

INSAT 4A / G-10 at 83 deg E

On 4th Maharashtra 1 has left 3725 H. On 18th Maharashtra 1 and Aryan have started on 3725 H, clear.
Travel & Tourism Channel, Rujumargam TV, CBN News and Network 10 have left; 1 Yes TV has replaced Planet News on 3756 H, clear; ABP Asmita on 3777 H is now in clear; ETV Gujarati News and ETV Odia News have started on 4005 H, Irdeto. On 19th Naaptol and Shop CJ Telugu have left 3805 H; Zee Bihar Jharkhand has started on 3921 H, clear; Wellness and Zee Purvaiya have left; Rose TV has started on 3936 H, clear. On 27th CBN News is back on 3725 H, clear; Aryan and MBC TV have left. On 28th Bizz News has left 3805 H; RK News and Lotus News have left 3921 H; Madras TV has left 4054 H.


CHINASAT 12 at 87.5 Deg E

No major changes.


ST1 / ST2 at 88 deg E

On 3rd Animax Asia has left 3546 V again & was back on 5th. On 16th Asia Travel, FTV, LTV Drama, CTV, CTS, SET Taiwan, SET International, TVBS Entertainment Channel, FTV News, Global News, Phoenix InfoNews Channel, ETTV Asia News, ETTV Asia, EBC Yoyo, Celestial Movies Indonesia, Outdoor Channel International, Fashion One Asia, Asian Food Channel, Sports Illustrated, AXN East Asia, Haari Kids, Animax Asia, Discovery Channel Southeast Asia, Haari Drama, Haari Variety, Haari Movie, Kix and Thrill have left 3546 V; ETTV Asia, EBC Yoyo, Asia Travel and ETTV Asia News have left 3662 H.

YAMAL 201 / YAMAL 300K at 90 deg E

No major changes.

MEASAT 3/3A at 91.5 deg E

On 5th Clubbing TV on 4040 H is now encrypted. On 9th Da Vinci Learning India has left 3880 V.

INSAT 4B/3A at 93.5 deg E

No major changes.


SES 8 / NSS 6 at 95 deg E

No major changes.

ASIASAT 2/5 at 100.5 deg E

On 2nd Fashion TV Asia has left 3794 H. On 4th Fashion TV Asia is back on 3794 H, clear. On 16th Macau Satellite TV, Macau Asia Satellite TV and Kungfu Satellite TV have started on 3726 V, clear; Star Gold HD India, Star Plus HD India, Life OK India, Star World HD India, Star Movies HD India, Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 2 have started on 4020 V, Videoguard. On 26th TVE Internacional Asia has started on 3700 V, clear.

ASIASAT 7 at 105.5 deg E

On 2nd Non Stop Samachar India has left 3689 H; Movies 24 has started on 3734 H, clear; Fashion TV Asia has left 3745 V; God Bless TV has left 4065 H; Arcana HD has started on 4070 H, clear; Pak Plus and Diamond TV have left again; Junior TV has started on 4165 H, clear; Shop Now has left 4176 H. On 4th Non Stop Samachar India is back on 3689 H, clear; Fashion TV Asia is back on 3745 V, clear; Cinemachi Kids on 3750 V is in clear again. On 11th Junior TV has left 4165 H again. On 14th Movies One has started on 4165 H, clear. On 19th Big Ganga Talkies has replaced Big Gaurav on 3890 V, clear; Star World HD Asia and Fox Movies Premium have started on 4000 H, Irdeto; Fox Crime Asia and Nat Geo People Asia have left. On 27th Theater has left 3734 H; Cinemachi Kids on 3750 V is now encrypted.


SES 7 at 108 deg E

No major changes.


Chinasat 10 at 110 deg E

No major changes.

ASIASAT 6 / THAICOM 7 at 120 deg E

No major changes.

ASIASAT 4 at 122 deg E

On 2nd Indradhanush has replaced Rengoni on 4015 H, clear.

JCSAT 3A at 128 deg E

No major changes.


On 5th Dim Sum TV on 3840 H is now in clear.