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March 2019


Here's the major changes that have taken place on the various satellites over India in the past month. While some of the channels listed as testing may have started full transmission, others may have ceased and still others may have since started up. The information provided is intended to be indicative of things to come...


IS 17 at 66 deg E

On 2 nd Sun Bangla started on 3885 V, Irdeto; Gemini News and Udaya News left; Harvest TV left 3980 V again.

IS 20 at 68.5 deg E

On 6 th Neo Prime and Neo Sports left 3900 V. On 11 th Sinema started on 3732 V, FTA; ANM News left 3742 V; Aastha Tamil started on 3766 V, FTA.On 16 th Pengal started on 4003 V, FTA; PTC Punjabi Gold started on 4116 V, FTA; Frontier TV left; Pengal started on 4003 V, FTA; PTC Punjabi Gold started on 4116 V, FTA; Frontier TV left. On 20 th PTC Simran and PTC Music started on 3889 V, FTA.


EUTELSAT 70B at 70.5 deg E

No major changes.

INSAT 3C/4CR/ Edusat at 74 deg E

Punjab Edusat Society started on 11587 H, FTA; KITE VICTERS started on 11667 V, FTA; VTU started on 11681 V, FTA; Lokshiksha Sanchar started on 11686 V, FTA.

ABS 2 at 75 Deg E

On 3 rd SRTV left 4019 V.

APSTAR 7 at 76.5 deg E

On 9 th Maasranga TV on 4070 H is now in FTA.On 16 th Cine Bangla started on 3799 H, FTA.

THAICOM 5 at 78.5 deg E

On 6 th SRTV and Universal TV left 4132 H. On 9 th Ani+, A Film, Toon Toon, Movies & sat Asia and I-Asia left3480 H; Thai Channel 2 142 and Ploen TV left 3600 H. On 13 th Mangorn, Aktion and T Variety started on 3505 V, BISS; Naza TV left.On 16 th Thai Life 135 started on 3480 H, FTA; Thai Visions Channel and AAA TV left; Kuru TV started on 3505 V, FTA; Somali News TV started on 4113 H,FTA; Goobjoog TV and Saab TV left.On 26 th A Film, Toon Toon, JJ Channel, Thai Visions Channel and AAA TV started on 3480 H, BISS; Cho1ce TV and Thai Life 135 left; Thai Channel 2 142 and Ploen TV started on 3600 H, BISS; Channel K, YTV and Fortune TV started on 3711 H, FTA; Readers Channel and 4 Edu left; TV Direct 1, Zabb Channel, Hit station, Kaset News Channel, ThaiCCTV, Topline TV, Lamkong 118, Kuru TV, Chokdee TV, TVD Momo 1,Topline TV, TV Direct 3, Hit Square, E-San Banhouw, Top Dee Dee TV,TVD Momo 3, Wish Channel 68, Mangorn, Nhang Channel, @TV, Aktion,T Variety and Movie Hits started on 3800 H, FTA; Money Channel, ChalermKrung TV, Thai Channel 2 142, SeriesChannel 143, Sabaidee TV 141, Ploen TV and Thai Channel 8 left; Mizzima TV, Democratic Voice of Burma TV, Channel K, YTV andFortune TV started on 4028 H, FTA; RTA started on 4033 H, FTA; Thai TV 5 HD1 on 4080 H is now in FTA; R Film, PB Channel and Tiger Shopping TV started on 4120 H,BISS; Zee Nung and Umm TV are now encrypted; Nhung Channel, TV D and Health & Family left.


EXPRESS AM2 at 80 deg E

No major Changes.

INSAT 4A / G-10 at 83 deg E

On 9 th Shop CJ started on 4071 H, FTA. On 10 th Ishwar Bhakti TV and Swaraj Express started on 3776 H, FTA.On 16 th News 18 Bengali, News 18 Kannada and News 18 Punjab & Haryana &Himachal Pradesh started on 4071 H, Irdeto.


CHINASAT 12 at 87.5 Deg E

No major changes.


ST1 / ST2 at 88 deg E

No major changes.

YAMAL 201 / YAMAL 300K at 90 deg E

No major changes.

MEASAT 3/3A at 91.5 deg E

On 7 th Kairali TV, We and Asianet Movies on 12523 V are now in FTA

INSAT 4B/3A / GSAT 15 / GSAT 17 at 93.5 deg E

On 7 th VipNews started on 4085 V, FTA; Sadhna Aryan and Vip News started on 4148 V, FTA.


SES 8 / NSS 6 at 95 deg E

No major changes.

ASIASAT 2/5 at 100.5 deg E

On 1 st EuroNews English and TVN Movies Indonesia started on 3840 H,FTA; LaLiga TV left; DW Deutsch left 4040 H.

ASIASAT 7 at 105.5 deg E

On 1 st DW English left 3760 H. On 10 th Peace TV Chinese left 3705 V. On 15 th Star Utsav Movies on 3800 H is now encrypted; Star Utsav on 3980 V is now encrypted.On 24 th CNN International Asia Pacific started on 3760 H, PowerVu. On 26 th Cartoon Network Taiwan started on 3760 H, BISS.


SES 7 at 108 deg E

No major changes.


Chinasat 10 at 110 deg E

No major changes.


THAICOM 4 / BANGABANDHU 1 at 119.5 deg E

On 15 th EkattorTV started on 10927 V, FTA.On 20 th BTV, BTV World and SangshadTV started on 3840 H, BISS; Ekattor TV started on 3852 H, FTA; BTV left 4660 H.

ASIASAT 6 / THAICOM 7 at 120 deg E

On 26 th Oriental CJ Shopping 11 started on 4100 H, Irdeto.

ASIASAT 9 at 122 deg EE

No major changes.

JCSAT 3A at 128 deg E

No major changes.

APSTAR 6 AT 134 deg E

On 5 th CGTN, CCTV Entertainment, CCTV 4 Asia, China Movie, Beijing TVInternational Channel, Dragon TV International, Shenzhen Satellite TVInternational, Zhejiang Satellite TV International and Hunan TVInternational started on 3840 H, Irdeto; SEA TV left 4160 H.