February 2020


The Annual SCaT India Trade Show & Satellite & Cable TV magazine have been acquired last month, by one of the world's largest exhibition companies - NurnbergMesse, Germany.

The Annual SCaT India Trade Show, the Magazine & the industry have grown hand in hand since 1993, thanks to the overwhelming support that we have received from all. The show has reached a scale where it will be taken forward as part of the large "Asia Broadcasting & Infotainment Show" to be held annually in Mumbai. The ABIS show will include SCaT India, Broadcast India & Content India, all co-located in Mumbai.

Professionally, I have been involved with technical design and development of colour TVs & Cable TV equipment since the 1982 Delhi Asian Games, when colour TV was launched nationwide. Then, Cable TV was still a 'Black Art.'

Many years later, in 1994 I joined the fledging magazine. Over these years, it has served the Industry as a Bulletin Board to share Product availability by advertisers, details of frequent changes in the Law affecting our industry & provided a wealth of technical information. Cable TV in India has grown from delivery of 2 channels over coax cable, to a thousand Digital channels distributed by Optical Fiber.

The magazine has published several thousand articles & conducted more than 100 technical workshops countrywide. Technical information has been freely shared. Cable Operators have been very receptive; absorbing this complex technology to provide world-class Cable TV to the masses at the lowest price worldwide.

We will work with N Messe to transition the magazine & Trade Show to even greater scale, over the next 2 years.

I can only look back with deep gratitude for the support received from our advertisers, exhibitors and tens of thousands of Cable TV network owners.

Thank You!