November 2019


A Big Thank You to all visitors and exhibitors for your enthusiastic response and participation at the SCaT 2019 Trade Show that concluded last month in Mumbai. The market mood is distinctly upbeat.

TRAI has declared its KYC recommendations for DTH subscribers, which ignore the fundamental problem of Indian DTH boxes being used illegally in neighbouring countries. Will the MIB will ask TRAI to reconsider its KYC recommendations?

The Supreme Court judgement on linking gross AGR to licence fee for Telecom companies, may result in some mobile operators declaring bankruptcy. An exactly similar case is pending in the Supreme Court for DTH. Most DTH platforms that have not paid gross AGR based licence fees are financially stressed and one or more may shut down. The case is likely to be heard early next year.

The number of active DTH subscribers has plunged by 18 million (25%) in just 3 months, due to tighter reporting norms, which weed out earlier inflated figures submitted by DTH platforms.

TRAI must also declare cable TV subscriber numbers, at least once or twice a year by consolidating inputs from the 1500 DAS MSOs. While this is substantially more work than consolidating a handful of DTH platforms' figures, it is absolutely essential.

Various pay broadcasters have slashed their Pay Channel prices, in concert, from ₹ 19 to ₹ 12 as a "Festive Discount." It's curious how all Pay broadcasters have slashed price by exactly the same amount.

In a welcome move, the CCI has initiated a review of the broadcast sector, to investigate inappropriate trade practices.