August 2018


The TRAI has moved swiftly & declared milestones to implement its Tariff order, which we have detailed this month in the magazine.

Star India moved the Supreme Court to stall the tariff order implementation. The plea has been admitted by the Supreme Court which has refused to stall the implementation, prior to a verdict. As a result, uncertainty prevails.

The TRAI's Tariff, Interconnection & QoS regulations are being implemented 'in toto' as outlined by the TRAI, except the 85% cap on the a-la-carte to bouquet price of pay channels.

Without the a-la-carte price cap, the consumer is the primary victim. The only significant gain for consumers through DAS was the promise that consumers can pick & pay for only the channels they wanted. With the cap removed, broadcasters will once again declare grossly inflated a-la-carte prices, financially forcing consumers to opt for large broadcaster bundles of pay channels. If the TRAI genuinely has the consumers' interest at heart, it must vigorously pursue the a-la-carte price cap in the Supreme Court.

The three weeks after you receive this magazine will provide pivotal information. Pay channel prices will be declared by 3rd September, 2018. Any pay channels that decide to migrate to FTA, will also have to declare their move by then.

Jio Broadband will declare its much awaited FTTH tariffs by 15th August. If these tariffs are above ₹ 600 per month, broadband VNOs should be able to compete.

Will Jio Broadband commence its IPTV delivery on 15th August? That move alone, could catapult India into a significant IPTV user base.

Comcast has exited the bidding war to buy Fox, paving the way for James Murdoch to become Disney's CEO & assuming control within a year of the deal. Rather than the mouse getting the better of the Fox, the Fox will have eaten the mouse!