September 2018


Heavy rain & floods in Kerala have destroyed networks there. Reconstruction will be time-consuming and expensive. SCaT has contributed to the Kerala Cable Operators Association's fund to help cable operators re-establish their livelihood. We implore all industry players & cable operators to contribute their might, also.

By the time you read this, broadcasters will have declared their pay channel rates to consumers.

With no link between a-la-carte & bouquet prices, broadcasters have once again made a mockery of each channel's price. Zee TV HD is priced @ ₹ 30 a-la-carte but discounted to ₹ 5.88. In effect, consumers are the victim since they were promised that DAS would enable them to pick & pay for only those channels they wanted. Broadcasters have made nonsense of this promise. Now a Bundle of 5 channels could cost the consumer less than if he picked one of those, standalone!

JIO's broadband launch on 15 August has turned out to be a damp squib. JIO is not ready for a roll out, and has not even declared prices! Unlike mobile telephony that can be rolled out wirelessly over vast territories, delivering FTTH last-mile to individual consumers is a tedious and time-consuming matter. A single team of installers will probably provide connections to not more than 6 consumers a day.

Broadband Network owners must seize this opportunity & immediately upgrade their networks to deliver atleast 100 Mbps downloads to consumers. Even if JIO prices its service at 50% of Airtel's rates, there is still enough money on the table to sustain and grow the business. Rather than fret, this is the best time to push ahead with investments and upgrade networks. JIO's FTTH challenge can easily be met.

The SCaT 2018 Tradeshow (World Trade Centre, Mumbai, 24th to 26th August 2018) is perfectly timed to provide both - Cable TV & Broadband networks a chance to upgrade to current technologies at very attractive prices. Be There!