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January 2018


The announcement that Murdoch is selling his TV empire to Disney, just does not make sense, given Murdoch's extremely aggressive growth and acquisition strategy. Could this infact be part of a bigger plan for Murdoch to take over Disney?

Post sale, the Murdoch family trust will be Disney's largest private shareholder.

Disney CEO - Bob Iger who is already on an extended term, has been asked to continue till 2021, while James Murdoch 'assists him' in transitioning Fox to Disney. "He and I will continue to discuss whether there's a role for him here or not, but I look forward to talking to him about it," Iger told the press.

Could Murdoch be waiting for regulators to approve the deal, and maybe even the Sky sale to Disney, before stepping in again in 2021 to take control of the new Disney which includes 21st Century Fox? That would be Murdoch's master stroke!

Doordarshan has, without any significant announcement, shut off analog terrestrial transmissions in 19 cities countrywide. The fact that the switch off went un-noticed, shows the almost non-existing viewership for DD's terrestrial transmissions in urban centres.

Has the I&B ministry stopped issuing new uplink / downlink licenses for satellite TV channels? Despite over 100 pending applications, not a single new licence has been issued in November & December 2017!

It is heart-warming to know how TSCOA has stepped in to help the bereaved family of a cable operator, Mr. Mohanasundaram, of Nellai district, in Tamil Nadu who lost his life in a road accident. He is survived by his wife & 2 small children. At the condolence meeting, TSCOA announced it would adopt his network, monthly income given to his family and the network maintained and operated by TSCOA till the children were old enough to take charge.

SCaT congratulates TSCOA on its initiative.