February 2020


I had initiated work on this magazine in August 1992 and launched the first issue in February 1993. Simultaneously I developed the SCaT TRADESHOW.

It all fit in very well… The manufacturers needed to expose their products to the Cable Networks, as well as to appoint new dealers and retailers …. the retailers needed new dealerships. The cable operators needed to seek better and more reasonably priced equipment….and all sections of the industry needed to keep abreast of the latest rules, laws and technologies …. and with each other! The Magazine & the Tradeshow fulfilled the need in every way!

I was joined by Dinyar in 1994 and together we supervised almost a 200% growth in business, year on year, for the next 8 years, Now finally completing 27 years of partnership!

So while both have grown and prospered, individually & as well as businesses, we also understand that both have reached a plateau where further growth needs new partnerships. With the merging of the CATV, broadband & IPTV/OTT sectors, this entails enlarging the scope of the magazine, as well as the Tradeshow.

With this in mind, we met with several Indian and foreign companies. We found an ideal fit with NuernbergMesse, headquartered in Germany, with extensive experience and background in conducting Tradeshows in India as well as across the world. They already conduct the Broadcast India Tradeshow in Mumbai, in addition to 17 other shows. So the SCaT Tradeshow is now being combined with the BroadcastIndia show and the Content Show, to create a large event, more than 3 times the size of the existing one.

Which is not to say we will be washing our hands off these! In fact, just the opposite!

The Magazine & the Tradeshow has been my baby since 1993. It is like the daughter that you give birth to, hold in your arms, nurture, advise …. and supervise her growth. You are the baby’s caretaker until it reaches adulthood …… the same daughter that you give away in marriage, not because you don’t want her any more, but because her happiness, future and growth lies elsewhere, to further pursue her ambitions and to start & grow her own family. Marriages of children, especially daughters, are a very emotional moment for us Indians.

So it is with the Magazine & the Tradeshow…. it time to bid Farewell……, nothing is permanent in life.

Both, Dinyar & I, will continue to work actively with NuernbergMesse India Pvt Ltd as well as with all of you, to further the growth of the magazine and the Tradeshows. We shall actively be in touch with all of you to assist you in this transition under the new owners.

Please do feel free to connect with either of us at any time, whether on the phone, thru email or on WhatsApp…or just drop by for a drink whenever in Mumbai!!

A big Thank you