April 2018

International News



Sanskar Info TV's FTA spiritual channel Sanskar TV was launched in the UK & Europe on 19 March. The channel was launched in India in 2000 & in the USA on DTH platform Dish TV in 2010.

"We are operating in an evolving TV market, where we see growing demand for good spiritual content. We have also produced a number of fresh TV content to bridge the gap between our traditional audience and the new generation. Keeping in mind the likes of Indians abroad, we are creating exclusive content which they will find only on Sanskar UK," said Sanskar TV Group CEO Manoj Tyagi.


71% of participating Swiss have voted to continuing to pay for their public TV broadcasts.

It was one of many referendums held under Switzerland's form of direct democracy.

The swiss currently pay about $480 per year per household, to finance its Publiv TV. Large businesses also are required to pay.

Opponents insisted the statebacked broadcasters should rely more on advertising or charge audiences for specific programs, movies and musical offerings.

Fee proponents countered that the Swiss should support domestic broadcasters and programming, particularly in a country with a high cost of living and four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. They also worried that Swiss distinctiveness would be swallowed up by giving broadcasters in neighbouring countries a big entry into the Swiss market.


ATSC 3.0 the new Digital broadcast standard in the USA, was officially confirmed on 5 March by the FCC. (Europe & India follow the DVB standards). The FCC authorisation permits a voluntary rollout. ATSC 3.0 is not backward compatible with the older ATSC 1, hence FCC has insisted on a simulcast of both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0.

"There is still more standards work to be done," said The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) President Mark Richer. It is an IP-based standard & enables targeted advertising and alerts, video-ondemand & interactivity. It is expected to drive sales of 4K TV sets, and provide broadcasters a competitive foothold in the interactive, targeted advertising, IP world.


Walt Disney Co. has named its consumer products chief, James Pitaro president of ESPN.

The struggling but profitable ESPN Sports includes the flagship sports channel, related networks, websites and a magazine. It has historically been the biggest profit generator for Disney. But operating income has fallen for 2 years as consumers cancel cable subscriptions and the cost of sports programming rises. Last quarter, theme parks outearned Disney's TV business.

Pitaro replaces long-time head John Skipper, who stepped down in December to seek assistance for substance abuse.

In the next few weeks, Disney plans to introduce ESPN+, a $5-amonth streaming service that will include 10,000 live sporting events a year, leaning heavily on pro baseball, hockey, soccer and college sports.


Europe's cable industry has grown 2.4% & reached Euro 23.43 billion in 2017, according to statistics released by the industry's trade association - Cable Europe, at the annual Cable Congress in Dublin.

TV continues to be the largest source of revenue for the industry, but broadband is driving the biggest growth increase by far (+5% in 2017). Year on year, the number of broadband subscribers rose by 4.6% (or 1.6 million subscribers), aided by high speed broadband via DOCSIS 3.0.

Pay-TV revenue increased 2.1 % to Euro 220 million in 2017, boosted by an 8% growth in digital TV revenue and 18.5% growth in VoD revenue, as the analogue switchover continued to gather pace during the year. 74.7% of cable TV subscribers in Europe are now digital, yielding 80% of total cable revenue. Cable continues to be the leading primary mode of TV reception for European households.

2.4 million Revenue Generating Units (RGUs), the industry metric for the total sum of TV, Internet and telephony subscriptions, were added in 2017, increasing the total number to 121.4 million.


Eutelsat and Globecast have entered into a partnership to launch a new media platform over the Americas.

Globecast will offer media management solutions for both linear TV distribution and new media technologies, like streaming, local ad insertion, IoT services, HEVC encoding and regionalisation services, from Eutelsat West A satellite @ 117 degrees West.

A unique feature of the platform will be the ability to provide fleet protection and redundancy via the Eutelsat West A satellite @ 113 degrees West located 4 degrees away with the same transponder plan and polarisation.


Ireland is already a low tax haven and many US megacorporations have shifted their registered offices to that country. Now, Ireland is convincing TV channels based in the United Kingdom to relocate there after Brexit.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Chief Executive Michael O'Keeffe said there are about 1,000 European licences which will be lost after Brexit and this will force these firms to open new bases in the European U n i o n . "There are feeds of d i f f e r e n t s e r v i c e s that are going out. The likes of a Discovery Channel, will have 10 or 12 different countries on the feed and all the licences are in Ofcom, so they will have to move them somewhere else," he explained.

The main competitors include the Netherlands, which is already host to Netflix's, and Germany which has a number of production bases.


RT, the Kremlin-controlled news channel, faces being forced off air in the UK if the poisoning of Sergei Skripal is found to be an "unlawful use of force" by Russia against Britain.

UK's Prime Minister, Theresa May has suggested closing the channel as an option.

RT said its being used as a "sacrificial political pawn" in the fallout over the poisoning of Skripal, and that revoking its broadcasting licence would make a mockery of the concept of press freedom in the UK.

RT said it was "proud to have a better record with Ofcom than most other UK broadcasters." n