Dear Dinyar,

The March issue of the magazine is a treasure.

I still remember the first issue of magazine, first exhibition and meeting Sudeep.

After that I met him in his office and handed over my article on "C language programme to calculate Azimuth and elevation and how to calculate them using MS Excel." congrats! to you both. I learned most from your Magazine. Your magazine was the base for many of my lectures and presentations later.

Even The staff of our department (All India Radio & Doordarshan) benefited lot from your magazine.

All the best for your Magazine.

Wilson Francis P,
ALL INDIA RADIO, Coimbatore.


Dear Mr. Contractor / Mr. Malhotra,

I am honoured to convey on behalf of the CATV industry in Bangladesh, our heartiest congratulations on completion of Satellite & Cable TV Magazine's 25 successful years. It's a great milestone indeed to celebrate !!!

Your selfless dedications for betterment of the CATV industry in the sub-continent beyond doubt have guided this industry to the highest level of achievement.

Congratulations once again to both of you and your entire team. Wishing you many, many more years of success.

Best Regards

Azik Ahmed Chowdhury
Partner - Advanced Communications Engineering
Managing Partner - Skyline Satellite and Telecommunications

Very Sincere Thanks for your message and good wishes.

Over the past 25 years, the Indian Cable TV has grown primarily due to the enterprise and dedication of thousands of Cable TV network owners, who have invested and grown this industry from scratch, with their own investments, since banks have generally refused to finance CATV distribution networks. Broadcasters too need to applaud the Cable TV industry for providing their channels the extensive reach into almost 100 million Indian homes, making their business not only viable, but attractive.

Bangladesh's Cable TV industry commenced operations later and gained from the experience and hardware developed by the Indian industry. You all have regularly visited major industry events in India and internationally, significantly absorbing & utilising the experience gained from these interactions. Bangladesh took the lead in better distribution networks using Trunk Cables and quality outdoor equipment. Your efforts have been rewarded with the significantly higher monthly ARPUs from Bangladesh's Cable consumers. Your local cable TV industry has also led to the establishment of local Bangladesh TV channels, and an entire broadcast industry! Our Congratulations to the Bangladesh's Cable TV network owners.

In recent months, the emphasis is rapidly shifting for Cable TV to broadband delivery. Broadband also offer more remunerative returns, as the Cable TV market has matured & lost its growth momentum. Even broadcasters are shifting to broadband delivery of their content, via OTT.

Both our industries - in Bangladesh & India need to adapt to changing times and quickly adapt to broadband delivery.

The Only Constant Is CHANGE… Let us put our best foot forward, together, learning and supporting each other, since our markets are so similar. - Ed.