October 2016


The implementation of DAS Phase-3 has been stalled again, in September.

All eyes were on the Delhi High Court, who was to hear the large number of petitions requesting for further postponement of the DAS Phase III cases.

A legal opinion is that the Mumbai High Court's order has effectively stayed DAS Phase 3 implementation in all states that have appealed for a postponement. Based on the Central Government's request, The Supreme Court has directed that all DAS Phase 3 cases be shifted to the Delhi High Court.


A total of 62 cases had been filed by MSOs in various courts. Of these, 12 cases had been disposed of by respective courts and 3 cases had been withdrawn by the petitioners.

That left 47 pending cases with the Delhi High Court in early September 2016.


On Sept 7, the Delhi High Court bench of Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva adjourned the hearing in the first batch of 15 cases until 5 October, as the court did not assemble after the lunch break.

On September 8, the Delhi High Court adjourned the hearing in the second batch of cases until 26 September. The government counsel wanted the order of the Bombay High Court to be modified or vacated, pointing out that the stay order of the Hyderabad High Court is not in force. However, the bench said that it would want to give the petitioners an opportunity to present their views before passing an order and the case was adjourned until 26 September. The bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal was hearing the petitions of Radiant Digitek Networks, Rajasthan Cable Operators' Foundation, Nashik Zilla Cable Operators' Association, IndusInd Media & Communication (IMCL) and Bhima Riddhi Digital Services. Radiant Digitek Networks and Rajasthan Cable Operators' Foundation's petitions were against the Union of India, while those of the last 3 are against the state of Maharashtra.

On September 26, the Delhi High Court dismissed 1 petition & adjourned 4 other petitions. The Rajasthan Cable Operators' Foundation's case was dismissed due to non-representation. The 4 adjourned cases have been rescheduled to 4 October.