April 2016


On 29th March 2016, the Information & Broadcasting Ministry put up a scroll on its website that read: "Attention MSOs: For providing Digital Cable TV services, apply immediately for MSO registration to M/o I&B, if not already registered/ applied." The home page of the website also included a banner, (reproduced below), urging existing and prospective DAS Phase-4 MSOs to apply for their DAS MSO license "preferably before 30.04.2016"


The wording of the scroll and banner, seems to indicate that the deadline mentioned of 30th April 2016 is not a hard deadline after which applications will not be accepted. However, one can never be sure. Even for DAS Phase-3, in an unprecedented move, the I&B ministry gave a 1- month notice and stopped accepting DAS Phase- 3 MSO applications.

Hence as abundant precaution, we would recommend that DAS-4 existing MSOs and those who want to establish a new MSO in ant DAS Phase - 4 territory , submit their application, complete in all respects, along with the fee, to the Ministry for Information & Broadcasting, before end April 2016.