February 2017


Vide its circular dated 27 January 2017, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting declared that "...all registered MSOs are free to operate in any parts of the country, irrespective of registration for specified DAS notified area(s) granted by the Ministry of I&B."

For the past several years, DAS licenses have been issued only for specific DAS notified areas viz. City. Town, State, or on PAN India basis etc. as requested by the applicant MSOs. That has now been down away with.


T h e government e x p a n d i n g the license area to pan India is only r e g u l a t o r y liberalisation. Will it a c t u a l l y enable pan I n d i a expansion? Pay channel broadcasters have been know to drag their feet when provide content to n e w n e t w o r k s . That could d i s r u p t existing cozy relationships. Even a 3 month delay is enough to wipe out a new player.

The Move Will Hide The Almost Absence Of DAS-4 Licenses


Why was this circular issued, when there has been little demand for such a move?

The Government has so far issued about 1,000 DAS MSO licenses.

Only a negligible amount of these have been exclusively for DAS Phase-4 areas. Clearly, there are no takes for digital Cable TV in Phase-4. However, DAS-4 is to cover 61 million Cable TV homes, which is almost as much as the sum of all digitised homes in Phases 1+ 2 + 3!

C l e a r l y DAS Phase -4 has just not taken off.

The new c i r c u l a r effectively clubs the Phase-4 DAS licenses with all the 1,000 DAS MSO licenses issued to date, c o m p l e t e l y masking the fact that there have been almost no takers for DAS-4.