April 2017


On March 6, 2017 the I&B ministry declared that all provisional licensed DAS MSOs will be deemed as having regular licenses.

"It has been decided by the competent authority that all valid provisional MSO registrations, unless cancelled/suspended subsequently, may be treated as deemed regular registrations for a period of 10 years from the date of issuance of respective provisional registration," the MIB said in an official memorandum.

However, the MIB adds that if the continuation of registration of any MSO is at any time found to be or considered detrimental to the security of the State then the registration so granted is liable to be cancelled/ suspended. This caveat negates any un-conditional validity, effectively providing little benefit.

MSO DAS Licences are issued by the I&B Ministry but only after the Home Ministry provides its written approval that the Directors of the company have not been convicted or are perceived as a threat to National Security. The Home Ministry approval takes a long time because of which several hundred DAS MSO licences were pending. The I&B Ministry therefore decided to issue "Provisional DAS MSO Licences" wherein the company could commence its DAS Headend operations which however could be shut down in future if the Home Ministry objected.

As on 28 February, the MIB had issued 952 provisional & 230 permanent registrations. The registrations of 41 MSOs has been cancelled or surrendered.