September 2018


Despite the government trumpeting its efforts to promote Cable TV digitisation, the I&B ministry has not issue a single new DAS MSO license since 13 February 2017!

The most recent DAS MSO licenses was issued on 13 Feb 2017 to LSP Cable Network, Therlam Village, Vizianagaram & Desai Network, Nandavaram Village & Mandal, Kurnool District - both in Andhra Pradesh.

The absence of new DAS MSOs has led to a slump in sales of Digital Headend equipment & STBs.

No reason or explanation has been provided by the government for this freeze in DAS MSO licenses.

Not A Single DAS MSO License Has Been Issued For 18 Months


Satellite channels are a much happier lot. There have been steadily receiving a handful of uplinking and or downlinking licenses, every month. The MIB issued 4 new satellite downlink licenses in July.

Vision Corporations received permission to launch a new channel 'Indian Fashion TV'. The application says the channel will carry content on fashion films, reality shows related to fashion & lifestyle and TV serials. The channel is expected to launch soon.

Satellite Channels Continue To Be Issued New Licenses

Sony Marathi, the non-news channel, received its downlinking license.

Times Network's news channels, Times Now and ET Now, got permission for both uplink and downlink on 18 July under English/Hindi and all remaining Indian scheduled languages.

Of the 868 permitted private satellite channels, 766 TV channels permitted to uplink from & downlink into India. These consist of 364 News & 402 Non-News channels.

11 non-news & 5 News channels are permitted to uplink from India but not downlink into the country.

86 TV channels are uplinked from abroad which only have downlinking permission in India. This category includes 15 news and 71 non-news channels. n