July 2019


Nielsen has exited as BARC's primary digital measurement (OTT, YouTube etc) partner, as their agreement has concluded. BARC will now have to evolve its own digital measurement solution.


In 2016 BARC India announced its plans to measure digital viewership and go beyond audience measurement of broadcast media. In April 2017, BARC introduced brand 'Ekam' for digital measurement with the hope of launching it by the year-end.


Nielsen was roped in by BARC in July 2017 with a mandate of eventually integrating the TV and digital service. That partnership was terminated recently. BARC's digital team of around 18 employees is currently disbanded.

Can BARC deliver the 5 Ekam product promised? Will there be significant delays in roll-out of the service? Can BARC develop a solution in-house? These are some of the tough unanswered questions.

"Digital video content measurement via SDK integration can never be launched in India as YouTube, which counts for 80% of video advertising, is not keen on integrating a third-party SDK. Video streaming platforms too won't agree as it will not reflect uniformity in content measurement," explained a senior media executive.


Meantime, Nielsen announced the expansion of its own advertising measurement on YouTube's mobile app with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to 26 additional countries including India. This leave no scope for BARC to tie up with YouTube for India. Will

BARC be forced to cancel its plan to provide a much-needed integrated cross-media audience monitoring service for Live TV & OTT viewing in India? n