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May 2018


Much like rest of the world, the Russian pay TV market has been declining.

According to data from TMT Consulting, the market lost 3.2% of its subscribers, leaving it with 42.7 million Pay TV consumers.


However, revenues have grown 10% per annum both in 2016 & 2017. Revenues in 2017 were ₹ 83.8 billion (â‚1.2 billion).


Of the 1.3 million new Pay-TV subscribers, the majority (900,000) opted for IPTV.

At the same time, cable TV networks lost 150,000 subscribers. This is the third consecutive year in which Cable TV has lost subscribers.


ARPUs grew by 6% to ₹ 166 per Pay TV consumer, per month. This increase has come, mainly from Value Added Services.

Subscribers are generally moving from smaller to larger providers, who offer additional services.

The top 5 platforms: Tricolor TV, Rostelecom, ER Telecom, MTS and Orion Express gained nearly 1.5 million new customers in 2017, while other operators lost almost 130,000.

Rostelecom was the biggest winner in number terms, securing 600,000 new subscribers for its IPTV service. Meanwhile, Tricolor TV and Orion Express saw their subscriber totals grow by 1.2% and 4.1% respectively.

ER Telecom grew 12.1% through acquisitions.


MTS grew an impressive 13.2% by promoting its DTH service.


The younger generation today watches its video content on multiple screens like a computer, tablets and smartphones besides TV sets.

Only 34% of Netflix viewing time in India is on TV sets, compared to 42% in the APAC region. Netflix sees this as a big opportunity to grow the TV viewing market, by delivering Netflix in a user-friendly way, through DTH and Cable TV STBs.


TMT Consulting projects the number of Pay-TV subscribers to grow because of IPTV & DTH.

It predicts an increase of 1.8% this year, raising the total to 43.5 million, equivalent to a penetration of 76% of TV homes.

Revenue growth will slow to 6%, with the market being worth ₹ 90 billion at the end of 2018. n