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January 2018


Vide its 13 December 2017 order, the MIB has immediately increased the processing fee for TV channels.

Now, national channels will have to pay ₹ 100,000, while regional channels must pay ₹ 50,000.


This fee is payable by existing uplink / downlink license holders for any alteration, including change of satellite, channel name/logo, language of channel, category of channel, mode of transmission, teleport, teleport location and category change from general entertainment channel to news channel for temporary uplinking of a live event.

Additionally, the same amount will be levied on a per-day basis for temporary uplinking of a live event.


On 20 December, the MIB clarified that any channel which is not in Hindi or English will be termed a 'Regional Channel,' for the processing fee.

Spiritual & yoga channels will also be clubbed as Regional Channels for processing fee levies.

The processing fee is to be paid online through the Bharatkosh portal & the portal challan generated, sent to the MIB for further processing of the application.


It must be noted that the fee referred to here is for changes to existing uplink / downlink licenses only. It is not the fee for new new licenses.

Infact, it appears that the MIB has stopped issuing new Uplink & downlink channel licenses, since end October 2017. TRAI has been asked to recommend a new process for issue of uplinking licenses. Options include auctioning Satellite Uplink licenses, similar to the FM radio licenses auctions. The TRAI has floated a consultation paper, and will probably provide its recommendations by March 2018. n