October 2017

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Q: I am a student and need to watch Rai TV which is an Italian language channel. I have checked with all the DTH platforms available in the market like Airtel, Tata, Videocon etc. but nobody offers this channel.

How can I arrange to watch this channel on my TV? I stay in Pune city, but no local cable TV operator knows about the channel.

Please guide me how I can receive this channel. I need to watch it to improve my language skills.

This is purely a request from a student and I have no professional angle to it. I love to learn European, Japanese, Korean language but don't find any means to watch their TV channels.


Chetan Dang, By E-Mail.

ANS: RAI TV, the public broadcaster from Italy, has not been registered with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in India. Hence the channel does not have permission / downlink license for that will enable Cable TV networks or DTH platforms to carry it.

However, this does not stop any individual from legally receiving and viewing, for personal use only, the channel directly from satellite.

You will need a C-band dish antenna, as well as the associated LNBF and digital satellite receiver. These are easily available from any Cable TV reseller. They will also install it for you. The whole setup should not cost you over ₹ 5000 inclusive of installation (which may vary depending on location of dish and distance of your home from it).

Check the industry resources and SCaT Dealers section at our website for details in your city.

The RAI Italia TV channel is available from satellite as per following downlink details:

Satellite Asiasat 5
Orbital location 100.5 deg East
Downlink Frequency 3700 MHz
Polarisation Vertical
Symbol Rate 30,000
Compression Mpeg 4


Alternately, you can also watch RAI TV live, streamed online, on their website. Check their news channel at rainews24

Besides live TV, you can also watch several of their programs in Italian language at their website as VoD (Video On Demand).


Q: I am Mani Kandan from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. I have the following queries on the TRAI's rules. Please Clarify:

1) Broadcaster's price can be different for different MSOs?

2) Is it possible for the Broadcaster to issue reduced price for a particular MSO/DPO? For example, the MSO may be a group company of the broadcaster.

3) Can the broadcaster demand a minimum number of subscribers to provide his decoders? A broadcaster is demanding I pay him for atleast 2,000 subscribers a month to get his decoder.

4) Can a broadcaster demand that I use only a CAS system that he wants me to use? With regards,

V.R. Manikandan
Ritzy Entertainment Network Pvt. Ltd. Madurai.

ANS: 1. Yes. A Broadcaster may offer different prices to different MSOs. The Price discounts can also be different. However whatever discount is offered must be transparent, and the same discount must be offered to all MSOs.

As Example:

a. The Broadcaster may offer a 10% discount for 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers, and a 15% discount for 100,000 to 250,000 subscribers. It however must offer this Same 10% discount to ANY MSO who has 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers.

b. The broadcaster may offer any discount (e.g. 5%) if his channel is included in a particular package. This may be the lowest cost pay channel package, that almost every subscriber will take. However, the Same discount MUST be offered to ALL MSOs, for the same channel bundling.

The important point is that discounts are permitted, but they must be told to every one and all those who qualify for the discount, must get the discount.

2. NO. It is illegal for a broadcaster to give a lower price to a favoured MSO, e.g. if the MSO is from the same group company as the broadcaster.

This has however been done by Media Pro who has been sued at the TDSAT.

3. NO. A pay channel broadcaster cannot demand a minimum number of pay subscribers to provide a decoder. The purpose of DAS is to provide the TV viewers a choice to pay for only the channels they want to watch. That is why the law requires that every DAS subscriber must be offered all channels on an a-la-carte (individual channel selection) basis. The broadcaster is bound by law to charge you only for the subscribers as per the CAS statement, of your DAS headend.

4. No. As long as your DAS headend is approved, you can use any CAS (Conditional Access System).

The broadcaster has no say in the matter. The Indian Government's iCAS is now available at extremely attractive price. Do visit their stall C-1 at SCaT 2017, to know details of the CAS, its features and price.

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