July 2018

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Q: In May 2018, powerful lightning struck in our city, Raichur in Karnataka.

Lightning strikes in our locality are particularly a problem. This time we were lucky and did not suffer any damage.

In the past years, lightning strikes have damaged almost 50% of STBs & TV sets. About 80% of the lightning damaged STBs have been repaired, but 20% have been damaged too heavily to repair.

What the precautions should we initiate so that our STBs and our customer's TV sets are safeguarded?

If we need to install any equipment, please provide full details including where we can purchase it, and the approximate price. Thank you.

Srinivas Yadav, Subscriber No. 11362

ANS: For good electrical protection, you need to follow proper installation practices as well as install surge suppressors.


The Cable TV equipment such as an Optical node or RF Amplifier located at the entrance of a building, must be properly 'grounded,' i.e. the metal body of the node must be connected to the 'Earth' of the electric supply.

If a building does not have an amplifier or Node, the Coax cable must be grounded at the point where it enters the building. Usually, there will be an electricity meter room, at the entrance of the building. This location will always have a Good 'Earth' connection, which should be used for grounding.

It is important that the ground must occur at the first point where the Node / amp, splitter or Coaxial cable enters the building. (See Figure 1)

Good practice is to ground at a Single point in the building. Having multiple grounds on the coaxial cable (e.g. at the point it enters an STB) is not recommended, since it can cause current to flow between these grounds, due to the voltage at each local ground being different, resulting in "Ground Loops" in which current can flow.


You should also insert a surge suppressor / STB protector fitted at the input of every STB or TV set.

Suitable products are available from multiple manufacturers.

As an example, Shivam Electronics ( offers a "Digital Set Top Box Guard"

Their Model SS-604 A is priced at approximately ` 25 each. (http:// You can place your order on their website.

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