September 2017


The annual SCAT India Tradeshow continues to receive overwhelming industry support, and has grown every year, bringing together a growing and vibrant Indian Cable TV & Broadband industry.


The SCaT 2017 India Tradeshow will be held from 12 to 14 October 2017. The World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai will host more than 300 Companies and brands, displaying and demonstrating more than 5,000 products and services, all targeted exclusively at the Indian Cable TV Network owners and MSOs.

The show spans 7 halls at 2 different locations within the World Trade complex, at Cuffe Parade in Mumbai.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

Approved by the Indian Government’s ITPO, The Ministry of Home Affairs & the Ministry of External Affairs, the 26th SCaT 2017 India Tradeshow is easily India's largest & most comprehensive Cable TV trade event ever!

SCaT 2017 - World Trade Centre, (Behind Taj President Hotel) Cuffe Parade, Mumbai from 12th to 14th October 2017.

Number of Booths : 183
Total No. of Companies & Brands : 300+
Number of countries participating : 19



ABV International is co-hosting the SCaT 2017 Tradeshow. ABV is a leading security solutions provider, with offices in over 14 locations worldwide and headquartered in Singapore.

ABV products will be on display at Stall A-9 located at the entrance of the Expo Centre, as SCaT 2017.

A-9 will demonstrate the ABV CA System along with its innovative ABV MagiCube - a Value Added Service platform with Electronic Advertisement System, Audience Measurement System, Multiscreen, Emergency Alert System, Push VOD, Catch-Up TV, Push Email System, Data Casting Screen and many more.

The ABV OTT DRM is fully integrated with Microsoft PlayReady & can provide customers with a multi-device protection, from premium content to VOD and Live TV.


SCaT 2017 will have a very strong thrust for a vast range of Broadband technologies, products & services.

Over the past 1 year, with the completion of Cable Networks migrating to Digital Cable TV, Cable networks have turned to broadband to increase their revenue. Broadband provides much higher and sustainable revenues and profit margins than Cable TV, despite the entry of Jio with aggressively priced broadband schemes.

Wired broadband networks must deliver 100 MBps download speeds to score over Wireless broadband from mobile companies. Hence exhibitors will be offering various high speed wired broadband solutions for Cable operators.

These technologies include EPON, GPON, Cable Modems, DWDM and FTTH.

Broadband products widely available at SCaT 2017 will include switches, OLT, O&U, Gigabit switches, Managed switches, Cable Modems etc.

To optimise high speed delivery of content to customers and reduce bandwidth cost. Exhibitors will also be offering peering & caching solutions that can be installed by cable networks.

Several exhibitors will offer a complete turn key solution including installation and commissioning.

More than 50 networking companies & brands are exhibiting at SCaT 2017. These include Maipu (B-7), Synnefo (D-19 & 20), Optilink (D-24 & 25), Saibaba Infocom (B-21 & 22), Mehta Telecom (C-7 & 8), Juniper (D-24), and several others. Many of these even offer complete system design and installation support.


Several exhibitors will be offering a complete OTT solution for cable networks. These will provide a customised OTT app on mobile phones through which a cable TV network's customers’ can receive music, videos and even live TV channel streaming on their mobile phones. Prices will vary depending on the size of network and facilities required.

Atleast one exhibitor is offering an extremely comprehensive customised OTT solution at just ₹ 15 per subscriber per month which includes a completely customised OTT app with the network logo, Video & Audio streaming and even facilities for consumers to lodge complaints and monitor complaint resolutions through the OTT app. These solutions provide small and medium networks OTT services so far offered only by the largest MSOs.

OTT Solution @ ₹ 15 / User / Month


Exhibitors will also be offering bulk bandwidth at extremely competitive prices.

Intech Online (F-16+17), a licensed ISP offers Internet Bandwidth solutions and attractive broadband schemes to Cable network partners.

Vendors like Rank Infratel (F-24) offer not only bandwidth but also a complete dark fibre strand on lease, if required.


By law, Analog Cable TV transmissions have now been shut down. At SCaT 2017, several exhibitors will be offering locally manufactured MPEG2, MPEG4, Standard Definition and High Definition Digital STBs for Cable TV and Satellite reception.

ByDesign (C-1a) who have developed the Indian Government sponsored iCAS Conditional Access System has already licenced iCAS to several Indian STB manufacturers, making available a world class Conditional Access at an extremely low price. iCAS is also likely to be used as the key component in interoperable STBs proposed by the Government.


Optical fibre now forms the backbone of CATV & Broadband distribution. Fibre will be offered by various exhibitors, including Sterlite (F-18), Rank Infratel (F-24), Willett (B-10 & 11), and others.

Keith Electronics (C-12 & 14) will be launching the latest Fujikura 62C and Yokogawa AQ1000 splicing machines.

Most exhibitors will offer a wide variety of Optical nodes, EDFA amplifiers, fusion splicers and Test & Measurement instruments.

Innovative products at SCaT 2017, include (Stall D-12) Trinity Data Systems’ QuadMax – offer 4 TV Channels from 1 PC Video Playout Card - The first of its kind anywhere in the world for the CATV market.


Based on popular demand from visitors and exhibitors, SCaT 2017 will for the first time, also simultaneously provide a venue for technical and commercial presentations by exhibitors. The Conference Hall will seat up to 200 visitors and hourly sessions will be conducted on exhibition days at select times. The venue is located on the first floor above Hall F. The Conference Hall will be located one floor above the Registration Counters in the Tower Block. Admission is Free but some exhibitors may require you to book your seat in advance in case there is a very large turnout.


The introduction of the new Goods & Services Tax (GST) has brought about major changes on how commercial transactions are done, and the registrations required. Cable operators, ISPs and VNOs are required to compulsorily required to GST register themselves, even it their annual revenues are less than ₹ 20 lakhs.

SCaT will have GST experts present sessions explaining the various aspects of GST, with particular emphasis on GST for our industry.

FREE Sessions on GST

Admission is free, but we anticipate large participation. You are welcome to reserve your seat by sending an e-mail to, with the Subject Line “GST Session Seat”


A large number of international, stalwart companies are directly participating at SCAT 2017. These include Alliance Broadcast Vision (A-9), Gospell Technologies (A-4), Novel Super TV B-17 & 18), Inno Instruments (D-27 to 30), Chang Hong (B-21 & 22), Antik (E-14) & Kingvon (A-14), to mention just a few.


Almost every large Indian manufacturer or distributor has a presence at SCAT 2017. These include Channel Master & Optilink (B-24 & 25), Mehta Infocom (C-7 & 8), MCBS (A-1), Broadband Net (B-7 to 9), DBC Technologies (B-19 & 20), Spec Technologies (B-3 & 4), Willett Communications (B-10 & 11), Eurostar (B-1 & 2), Catvision (A-2), Surbhi Broadband (A-12), and many, many more.

Gospell (A-4) will offer several new products and solutions, including OTT, GOSPELL VisionCrypt® DRM, an advanced digital content protection solution, approved by Hollywoods, and Gospell's GK7661 STB, for 4K Ultra HD video with the resolution of 3840x2160.


As in earlier years, Satellite & Cable TV magazine is offering an attractive option for subscriptions and renewals. An imported Connector Compression Tool worth over ₹ 1000/- for use by cable operators, is bundled with a 5-year subscription. The magazine is also offering a special gift for 2-year subscriptions…

This will be available only for subscriptions renewed at the show.


We are sending all subscribers of Satellite & Cable TV Magazine, their personalised, preregistered badges by post. Please bring these along with you for a direct entry into the tradeshow.

There Is No Entry Fee.

Entry Is Free & All Trade Visitors Are Welcome Even If You Do Not Have A Pre-Registered Badge

If you do not receive your badge or have a friend who wants to attend, all are welcome to walk in, even if they are not preregistered, or if they have not received a badge. Only a brief registration form needs to be completed at the Registration counter, in case you do not have a preregistered badge.

Register On Website

Visitors wanting to avoid the long queues at the Registration counters can also register online at the website at


Now in its 26th year, the SCAT Tradeshow provides a vibrant annual meeting place for the entire Indian CATV industry, making it more than just an annual Trade exhibition. It provides an opportunity for distributors and retailers to meet each other personally and re-establish old associations. Retailers get to meet manufacturers directly and establish trade ties. Conversely, it permits International and Indian manufacturers to meet potential retailers and dealers, expand their distribution network & increase sales turnover.

Cable TV network owners from across the country meet and exchange views and local opportunities and concerns, as well as share solutions that they have found useful.

We look forward to meeting visitors and industry personnel. All are warmly invited to join this industry event that will provide visitors not only the latest technology from the world over, but also an opportunity to meet industry colleagues, during the 3-day event.

The SCAT Tradeshow will be held at its regular venue – The World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade (behind Taj President Hotel), Mumbai, from 12th to 14th October 2017. Be There ! n