August 2018


On July 3, 2018 TRAI declared that its 2017 Tariff, Interconnection & Quality of Service (QoS) orders will be implemented immediately. They had been pending implementation, due to several court cases initiated by Star TV, challenging these orders.

Implementation of the Interconnection Regulation 2017 and the Tariff Order 2017 were kept suspended since 8th May 2017. The QoS Regulation was also deferred because it is linked to the other 2 orders.

The matter has been heard by the Delhi & Madras High Courts and the Supreme Court.


The Delhi High Court vide its 29th August 2017 order, had directed: "upon pronouncement of the judgement by the High Court of Madras, the respondents (TRAI) shall inform the petitioners of the outcome in the judgement and shall inform this court as well before effectuating the orders."

Hence, after the Madras High Court Verdict, in favour of TRAI's regulations (on all counts except rejection of linking a-la-carte & channel bouquet price), TRAI filed its affidavit in the Delhi High Court, & declared implementation of its 3 orders immediately, i.e. from July 3, 2018.

The orders provide lead times for completing certain milestones in their implementation, as detailed in Table 1.

In the following pages, we have outlined key clauses of each of the tariff orders.



After TRAI's declaration on July 3, 2018 Star India once again moved the Supreme Court.

The matter was heard on July 20, 2018 and rejected Star's appeal for a stay.

The TRAI's implementation schedule will continue as declared on July 3, 2018.

TRAI and the government have been asked to file their replies within 4 weeks and Star India's rejoinders if any, within 2 weeks thereafter.