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January 2019


On 28th Dec TRAI notified a change in schedule for implementing the New Tariff, Interconnection & QoS Orders.


The new regulation adds an additional monitoring timetable to reach out to consumers:

 DPOs to adhere to following schedule for reaching out to the consumers:

1. Reach out to at least 30% of the average subscriber base by 1st January 2019 This information should be reported to TRAI as per the format which will be prescribed separately
2. Reach out to at least 60% of the average subscriber base by 14th January 2019
3. Reach out to 100% of the average subscriber base by 21st January 2019

The regulator's press release said:

"In order to facilitate all the service providers to migrate their subscribers from old to new framework so that no inconvenience is caused to the subscribers, the Authority has issued a schedule of activities containing inter-alia as under:

  • All existing packs/plans/bouquets to the subscribers will continue uninterrupted till 31st January 2019.
  • No service provider to disconnect any signal/feed to any MSO/LCO/subscriber till 31st January 2019, on the pretext of implementation of new regulatory framework.
  • Inter-service provider commercial settlement to continue as per their inter-se agreements in-force prior to 29th December 2018 till 31st January 2019.
  • DPOs to devise their own mechanism to reach out to all the subscribers and seek options from subscribers. Data pertaining to consumers' choice etc. should be maintained in such a manner that it is easily verifiable, and should be reported to TRAI from time to time.
  • DPOs to migrate all the subscribers to new framework w.e.f. 1st February 2019 as per options exercised by them.

The above reschedules only the final timeline to 1 February 2019, for migrating consumers to the new framework.

All other terms and conditions remain unaltered.

Only The Final Timeline For Migrating Consumers Is Rescheduled To 1st February 2019.


TRAI in its press release has emphasised that no changes have been made to either the Tariff, Interconnection or QoS orders.

"The Authority once again emphasize that all the provisrons of the Interconnection Regulations 2017, the QoS Regulations 2017 and the Tariff Order 2017 are in force and the regulatory provisions contained therein may be strictly complied with while implementing the prescribed schedule of activities.

DPOs Shall Declare The Distributor Retail Price (DRP) & Network Capacity Fee (NCF) By 29th December 2018.


The press release goes on to emphasis that DPOs must meet the original time table declared.

"Accordingly, DPOs shall declare the Distributor Retail Price (DRP) and Network Capacity Fee (NCF)as per the time lines given in TRAI press release dated 3rd July 2018 i.e. by 29th December 2018." n