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Tracksol Network [I] Pvt. Ltd, was established in 2016, in India. Tracksol International is a 2-decade old company, supplying Billing devices & complete billing solutions, worldwide.

Tracksol Cable & Internet Collection machine is a handheld, touchscreen enabled device with an inbuilt printer. It can also be attached to a QR barcode scanner. It is ideal for use in the field, as it is sturdy, easy to operate, works on re-chargeable batteries.

In India, it is available with inventory, billing & collection software, specially developed for the Indian market, as required for GST billing.

It provides real time updates via a mobile SIM card or WiFi, of daily collection summary reports, inventory, database of subscribers & suppliers, against an authorised password. Since all records are instantly upload to the cloud, all records are safe, even if the device is stolen or mis-placed in the field.

All records can be viewed anywhere, on any laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone, via the internet, but only by specified users and against password verification.

Tracksol's Cable & Internet Collection machine is fully backed by a warranty and thereafter supported by an annual maintenance contract. The unit is priced at approximately ` 23,000 + GST. it is an ideal device for MSOs, large cable networks & LCOs.

For trade enquiries & Distributorship contact:
Shohal J Shaikh -
WhatsApp : +91 9820105586