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Today’s generation simultaneously consumes TV, E-mail, social media and all other forms of content available on the internet, rather than via Cable TV. The content is viewed not only on TV sets but also on mobile phones, tablets & computers. The down side is the large data consumption, and the resultant ‘Data Shock’ when the monthly bill for consuming data arrives.

D-WAN-Cinesoft has developed & launched a unique entertainment platform, DATA FREE FIBER TV which delivers to consumers HD & SD TV channels, music, books, games and more, anywhere, anytime, via broadband. Compatible with cross platforms & multiple devices, the platform is integrated with all major payment gateways and digital wallets in India. LCOs can now deliver 200 SD + 50 HD channels, via broadband, to their consumers, without the need of an MSO or digital headend.

LCOs Can Now Deliver 200 SD + 50 HD Channels, Via Broadband, To Their Consumers, Without The Need Of An MSO Or Digital Headend.

D-WAN-Cinesoft is licensed to ISPs and broadband service providers who can customize the channel package according to the subscriber area, language, etc. The service also provides a eKYC compatible Content Management System (CMS) providing ISPs detailed analytics.

Data Free Fiber TV can provide more than 500 live TV channels. A monthly package of 200 SD Channels + 50 HD channels is priced at ₹ 300 + GST. Many other packages are also available.

Established in 2009, D-WAN-Cinesoft, also offers other solutions such Platform as a Service, D-WAN-Cinesoft, OTT & and UGC Platform- Nexgenmedia.

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Mr Rajesh Chandran - General Manager,
Dwan Supports Pvt. Ltd
Karimpatta Cross Road,
Pallimuku, Kochi
Mob: 93491 33384