Satron, Mumbai has launched in India, Gardiner's new Ultra Low Noise (0.1 dB) KU Band LNB.

Ideal for use to receive FreeDish's KU Band DTH, the LNB will provide excellent reception for both, the old MPEG 2 FreeDish channels as well as the new encrypted MPEG 4 FreeDish channels.

The GC-12HD KU Band LNB has an Ultra Low Noise specification of just 0.1dB.

Compatible for reception of both KU Band low (10.7 to 11.7 GHz) and KU Band high (11.7 to 12.75 GHz) frequencies it is ideal for receiving any KU Band signals worldwide.

The Gardiner GC-12HD also provides excellent reception of the 95 Indian & international FTA KU Band channels available all over India from the ABS-2 Satellite located at 75 degrees East.

The LNB is compatible for reception of Standard Definition, High Definition, 3D channels as well as Ultra High Definition (UHD) channels.

The extremely low noise figure of 0.1 GB ensures perfect picture quality even during heavy monsoons and misaligned or smaller sized KU Band dish antennas.

Satron offers the Gardiner GC-12HD LNB, priced attractively at just Rs. 95 + tax.

Satron also offers Gardiner C Band & Extended C-band LNBs, LNB-F & Feedhorns, CalAmp DRO C & Extended C band LNBs, Colorado C and Ku band Dish antenna.

For further details contact:

54B, Bombay Drug House,
2nd Floor, Proctor Road,
Grant Road (E), Mumbai - 400 007
Tel: +91 22 23879010


Synnefo is a one stop solution for all the ISPs and MSO's for managing broadband as well as CATV. The Synnefo Internet Management Software (IMS) and Synnefo Subscriber Management Software (SMS) are feature rich, transparent & easy to manage.

Synnefo Servers is operated by a web interface and can be managed from anywhere in the world thus providing flexibility and scalability to the ISP's as well as MSO's. The central server can be located at the NOC and multiple NAS can be synced thereby enhancing the reliability and functionality of the AAA Server.

Synnefo Internet Management Server (ISP software) can be used with BRAS such as Mikrotik, Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Bell Ras, IPACCT

Charges are reasonable: Rs. 5000 one time for setup & installation.

For ISPs, the IMS software monthly rentals range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 7 per active customer, depending on the volume.

For Subscriber Management Software (SMS) Monthly rental is Rs. 1 per STB. The USP’s of the Software includes:

♦ Easy to use GUI with 3 in 1 module (PPPoE, Lease & Hotspot)

♦ Integrated Billing & Payment Gateway for the end customers & Operators. IPV6 Ready.

♦ Reseller Module

♦ Permission based access & CRM-Enquiry

♦ Dashboard with SMS & Email Notification

♦ NAS/Plan wise white listing

♦ Backup & Restore

♦ Complaint Management

♦ Android Apps for Administrations, Collection Staff, End Users as well as Field Engineers.

♦ DOT compliant reports.

♦ 24x7 Support

Value Added Services are also available as optional extras, viz:

♣ Network Traffic & Threat Analysis & Solution

♣ Network Design & Management

♣ DDos Analysis & Solution

♣ DOT Compliance Support

For Details & Product Enquiry Contact:

Mr Chetan Mehta– +91-9820078725/022-26355522/20/16/15
208, Sunrise Bldg, B Wing, Abv McDonalds,
Lokhandwala, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 053



Media Konnects offers a wide range of content for MSOs and Cable TV Headends to carry on their local channels. This includes content in Hindi, various regional languages as well as Hollywood sourced content in English.

Cable Headends are licenced to for an annual fee of Rs. 15 lakhs upwards, depending on the number of subscribers. The licence fee is collected monthly/quarterly while the contract is signed on an annual basis.


Content offered includes the very large Eros library of movies and other programmes, for which Media Konnects is the official agent.


Media Konnects also offers comprehensive consultancy for starting a TV channel. This includes assistance with the Regulatory framework for obtaining a licence, technical knowhow and coordination for uplinking.


Media Konnects supports TV content owners by providing piracy control services throughout India, for their content. The company will monitor content carried on local TV channels and if necessary initiate law enforcement measures against any headend pirating content owned by companies that have engaged Media Konnects. These services are also offered for song and music video owners.

For further details contact:

Mr. Pallav Nagar Mobile : +91 9769131424
Media Konnects

Unit no. F-34, Centrium Mall,
Lokhandwala Township,
Akurli Road, Kandivali East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400101
Tel: +91 22 42228560/22 42228568